Bulgarian Agency Intelday Solutions adds Strength to PROI Worldwide’s Offering in Central Europe and EMEA Region

New York: PROI Worldwide has added Intelday Solutions in Bulgaria to its roster of agencies in the EMEA Region, further strengthening its offering to clients entering the central European market and providing Bulgarian companies and institutions with an even greater reach not only in Europe but around the world through PROI Worldwide’s 68 Partner agencies whose combined 2013 net fee income of US$ 525 million rated them the 5th largest communications conglomerate of independents in the world.

“PROI Worldwide has expanded aggressively in Central and Southern Europe to reflect the quality of agencies in, and the growing importance of, this rapidly growing sub-region,” said Andreas Fischer Appelt, German based Global Chairman of PROI Worldwide.

Intelday Solutions is a strategic communications and public affairs consultancy founded in 2001. The company provides a wide range of corporate communications services with a focus on strategic communications, stakeholder relationship management, crisis management, corporate social responsibility, integrated marketing solutions and social PR.

“We have undertaken communications projects for business organizations and international institutions in Bulgaria and Europe and provided the highest level of service while maintaining our personalized approach to working with our clients, said Adriana Popova, CEO of Intelday Solutions.

“Becoming part of PROI Worldwide is of strategic importance to us as this will add to our scope and reach for the agency and our clients and it allows us to deliver end-to-end, integrated services across borders.”

In addition to being a leader in the Bulgarian market, Intelday Solutions has managed numerous communications projects in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Malta, Portugal and Estonia while working with more than 120 clients which included international organizations, state institutions, corporations and NGOs. Intelday Solutions won IPRA Golden Awards in 2012 and 2007 for excellence in public relations in the Public Sector category and the agency was nominated by the United Nations for promoting professional communications to solve issues of public interest.

The addition of Intelday Solutions builds on PROI’s existing CEE offices in Austria, Hungary, Poland,the Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, and the Slovak Republic.

About PROI Worldwide
PROI Worldwide is the world’s largest partnership of integrated independent communications agencies founded in Europe in1970. It is represented in more than 110 cities on all continents by 68 leading independent integrated communications partner companies. Its more than 4,000 experienced staff serve 4,400+ clients worldwide. Founded forty-four years ago, PROI Worldwide’s combined fee turnover exceeds US$525m., making it the world’s 5th largest communications partnership.

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Today is our 13 anniversary


9th Annual “Together” Awards

Mrs. Denitsa Sacheva was honored with the “CITIZEN’S STAND, PROVOKING A DEBATE” award from the Workshop for civic initiatives9 foundation.

The role of the business in the prevention of human trafficking


The confereAnimusnce of “La Strada International” (LSI) and “Association Animus” began with  welcoming words from Nadya Kozhuharova, Association “Animus”/ LSI Bugaria, and Gergana Aleksova, general secretary of the National commission for combating trafficking in human beings, who welcomed representatives of NGO’s of 20 European countries. Nadya Vasileva from MANPOWER Bulgaria, Suzanne Hoff, and Sofiya Skripnik, LSI Holand, had the honour to commence with the introductory speech.

“Embrace me with your heart” at “Zaimov” park

Zaimov parkWe had a 100 000 reasons to be happy today, at “Zaimov” park. It wasn’t raining, we participated in a flash mob, art workshops and numerous surprises and presents. We were part of a joint initiative between the “Association of patients with rheumatoid arthritis” and the “Organization of patients with rheumatic diseases in Bulgaria”, who showed us that everyone has at least 100 000 reasons to be happy, when is socially active.

Intelday was awarded on BAPRA Bright Awards competition

We won a second award on the BAPRA Bright Awards competition in Sustainable Development Category for our work for  “Shatra” reality showAWARD on NOVA TV .

Youth on the Move in Sofia from the 13th until the 15th of May

“Youth on the Move” is coming to Sofia from the 13th until the 15th of May. YoMWhat to expect? A lot of entertainment, information, and opportunities. What is expected to take place? Action, dancing, games, and cool prizes. Who will you meet up with? Young people, just like you. Come along with… A friend and don’t forget to smile. For more information and to sign up-  http://on.fb.me/1iH8yHI

BAPRA launched an initiative in support of the refugee children in Bulgaria

For the first time, members of the Bulgarian association of PR agencies (BAPRA) united their efforts for the greater cause of tolerance to support the refugee children. Having this ideal in mind, a charity campaign, entitled “Martenitzas for peace and tolerance”, took place in the refugee camp in Voenna Rampa, in the city of Sofia. Representatives of communication agencies and BAPRAmembers of BAPRA participated in this campaign. In the course of the event, they shared stories of Bulgarian customs and traditions, about Baba Marta, with their little friends. Еveryone was having fun and was being creative. The end product of the event was the making of over 100 martenitzas. On the 1st of March, the crafted martenitzas were sent to the partners, the friends, and the clients of the members of BARPA with an invocation to donate to the account of the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum. The charity campaign “Martenitzas for peace and tolerance” is the first from a series of joint ventures of BAPRA in support of the creation of a clear, effective, and graduate communication in society.

Intelday Solutions with an award at BAPRA Bright Awards 2013

Intelday Solutions won third place at the BAPRA Bright Awards 2013 in the category “Communication Campaign in the Public Sector” with the project “Youth on the move”.


“Youth on the Move” is a flagship initiative of the European Union aiming to address the challenges that young people are facing and to help them to succeed in the knowledge economy..

Intelday Solutions had the opportunity to contribute with its experience and creativity to the pan-European initiative, implementing the information campaign in Bulgaria.

The campaign was held in July-August 2012 in Burgas and it included advertising, dissemination of information materials, information event – Exhibition from 2 to 5 August 2012, information stand within the music festival Spirit of Burgas, a series of concerts by young singers and dancers, media relations, media monitoring.

For the four days of the exhibition the stand and the tent of the European Commission build up on the area of 300 sq.m were visited by over 30 000 young people from around the world who chose not only to have fun with performances of famous names in the music industry, but to learn new things and discover new ideas for its future.


Karin dom’s program “i also want to feel the pleasure of movement” will help kids with motor disabilites

All women, working at Societe Generale Expressbank donate the funds granted for celebration of 8th March to the program

 Sofia, 7th March 2013

Each year Societe Generale Expressbank grants funds to the women, working in the bank for the occasion of 8th of March. The ladies from the company, on their part, traditionally unite for a noble cause to which they donate the granted amount. This year they chose to allocate the funds to Karin Dom’s program “I also want to feel the pleasure of movement” that helps children with motor disabilities.

The socalled „Rebound Therapy” is to be implemented for the first time in Bulgaria. The Rebound Therapy uses a spring-board with a therapeutical goal which develops and stimulates the motor abilities, balance, coordination and communication. The rehabilitation is implemented in the form of entertainment and provides pleasure from the movement to the kids.

“We are extremely grateful to the women that united for this cause and shared their celebration of 8th March with the mothers of the children visiting Karin Dom. Good deeds really unite people and we are convinced that all of us together will make the life of these kids and their families more colourful and open for new possibilities” said Mariana Nikolova, Executive Director of Karin Dom.

 The Rebound Therapy has a number of proven advantages:

  • It stimulates and integrates the senses;
  • It develops the physical activity that helps the kids feel the pleasure of movement;
  • It improves the communication skills in a natural and fun way;
  • It encourages the self-independence in the form of a game;
  • It stimulates the tactile, vestibular and prorpioceptive senses;
  • It help the stability of the posture;
  • It stimulates the balance;
  • It helps for the improvement of the eye-contact and the attention.

The therapy is applied with the help of a special spring-board and is exceptional importance for children with motor disabilities – cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities. These kids are fully dependent on the care of their parents and have limited abilities for movement, playing and entertainment. This type of therapy is a part of the total motor regime and program that is developed for the kids and the parents.

The donated funds by Societe Generale Expressbank will be used for the purchase of a special springboard for the implementation of the Rebound therapy in Bulgaria. Karin Dom and Societe Generale Expressbank are partners for already 6 years. The collaboration of the two organizations aims at providing children with special needs with equal access to quality social services.