Bulgarian Donors’ Forum

Project: Angels work after Christmas
Industry: CSR

The campaign was created to promote the new technical and online capabilities for donations for various causes – virtual post terminal and DMS subscriptions. The campaign appeals for sustainable charity as state of the mind as oppose to donation upon traditional occasions. The creative concept is based on the story of 4 angels – real people with different professions who support different causes in their lives. We did not engage popular faces in the creative, video and information materials but ordinary people with (un)usual personal stories and motivation, because they are the real and unknown angels saving lives and dreams every day. The campaign achieved 70,000+ Donation Text Messages (DMS) to 17 777 in support of the campaigns participating in the platform DMS for a month. It had 20 media partnerships with wide media coverage incl. all traditional media vehicles TV, radio and online. The campaign won an award for Sustainable Development campaign, BAPRA Bright Awards 2016

  • Research and analysis - Target group research, Mapping audience and communication, Media analysis and monitoring,
  • Corporate communications and PR - Health and social PR,
  • Integrated marketing communications - Creation, planning and management of communication strategies, Creation, planning and management of advertising strategies, Social media marketing, CSR policy, Event Management, Media relations, Content creation and management, Advertising, Media training,